This is the part where I try and convince you how interesting I am so you come back for more, right?

Well I’m just this real bubbly love life everyday person…yeah that’s not really working for me! For now, I’m just Ashleigh. No labels afterwords because I have this pesky habit of being a tad negative right now. I’m working on it.

I’m 21 and I’ve spent the last few years feeling increasingly lost since I left high school. Not the kind of lost where you wish you could go back to a certain time- I could never go through the high school experience again- more the lost trying to figure out how to survive in my own mind and make my mark on the world.

Over a year ago I was officially diagnosed with anxiety and depression (I’ve suffered for years) and I spent the better part of the next 9 months hiding away. 4 months ago I began my long awaited recovery and now I’m going to document my progress on here for the world to see.

This is about honesty, complete openness, raising awareness and self-reflection. If you want to know what life is truly like when you are fighting a mental illness or you want to know there is someone else ┬áhere going through your fight with you this blog is for you. This blog is for anyone really. I’m not famous, or a leader or a role model I’m just someone struggling with the same problems as millions of you are everyday.